What is Singleton institute ?

Founded by Olivier Basso, and based in Brussels, Singleton Institute is a pioneer catalyst of corporate entrepreneurship within large companies. Our ambition is to accelerate the development of corporate entrepreneurs!

ABOUT Intrapreneurship

Large companies are eager to foster an entrepreneurial spirit within their organization. They desperately need to…

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WE HELP companies to…

Build an enabling context for intrapreneurs; go beyond innovation and create new businesses; inspire entrepreneurial behaviors to managers…

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Singleton Institute works with experts from different fields and competencies : coaching, technological strategy, innovation marketing,…

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My credentials

During the last 15 years, I have developped a substantial expertise in consulting, teaching and researching corporate entrepreneurship in large international companies.

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Current research & publications

Upload all ressources about entrepreneurship as a selection of book, book chapters and articles selection…

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Some useful links

Inspiring partners, somme stimulating references in corporate entrepreneurship, some complemtary papers…

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Past & present references

A word from the author…

I define myself as a “pracademic” in intrapreneurship - both an academic and an active practitioner in the field. I like to infuse conceptual frameworks with collective energy and confront real life issues. Making relevant decisions and taking fruitful actions require both creativity and discipline. I strongly believe that entrepreneurial competencies are to be cultivated if one wants to shift from reacting to creating.
My daily motto: Prefer creative transformation to adaptive survival!

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